Podcast #98 – Cooking Weather

We bought our Sun Oven before we moved to Longleaf Breeze, thinking when we did that it would be a fun novelty. After we’ve settled into life as subsistence farmers, though, it’s become our main cooking tool.

porchpodcas-for-sitet1 Amanda was already shelling peas on the porch when the time came to record the podcast, so we decided to record on the porch. Can you hear the difference? Nah, we can’t either.

We use the Sun Oven to cook squash, beans, peas, sweet potatoes, eggplant, corn, and of course, okra. We use it occasionally to cook meat, particularly when we’re preparing the broth for a soup or stew. Using the Sun Oven has taught us a new discipline about food preparation, though, moving from “what shall we have for dinner tonight?” to “this is a good day for cooking; what shall we put in the Sun Oven?”

Listen – 19:42

As promised, here are some links to solar ovens you can build yourself:

And here’s a post about the Sun Oven from February, 2009, before we moved here.

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