Questions from Blakeley’s Class

Our niece and nephew Blakeley and Hunter Williams are leading a class at Asbury United Methodist Church in Huntsville on Creation Care, or evangelical environmentalism. They’re interested in what we’re doing at Longleaf Breeze and have given us 16 questions to answer.

And they’re TERRIFIC questions. We’ll be trying to answer half of them in today’s podcast and the other half next week. Here they are:

1. What caused you to change your lifestyle so drastically?
2. What kind of chemicals and fertilizers do you use?
3. What is the efficiency of humanure? (is it as good as regular manure?)
4. What is the trade-off for the amount of heat output from your wood stove versus the carbon released in the air?
5. I hope I was right in saying you also burn peat in your wood stove. They want to know where you get that.
6. Compost pile: Do you have one (I know the answer to that is yes!), what do you do with it, what is your method of collecting scraps?
7. One girl says she has a black thumb and wants to grow herbs. Do you grow any and have any tips?
8. How do you cut your grass?
9. What appliances have you given up? What do you still have?
10. Please explain the efficiency of a tankless water heater, and is there any energy trade off?
11. Do you have any plans for animals or livestock?
12. What are your plans for the future of the farm?
13. Do you use gray water or have plans to?
14. Do you use or have plans to use solar panels?
15. One girl wants to know is soft water or hard water more efficient…don’t know if you know that or not, but thought I’d ask!
16. What kind of household cleaning products and personal hygiene products do you use?

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