The First Fruits

We have prayed about it, we have dreamed and schemed about it, we have sacrificed for it, and yes, we have argued about it. This weekend it happened. We tasted the first fruits from our first ever vegetable garden.

We were late getting our garden planted, because we were traveling on Good Friday. So we have listened with a mixture of anticipation and envy as friends and family have told us what their plants are doing. This Saturday, though, in our very brief visit to the farm, Amanda was checking the Sweet 100 tomato plants and spotted a cherry-sized tomato that looked plump, red, and delicious. “I bet that’ll be ready to eat next week,” she said, and leaned down to fondle it. I watched this, so I know it happened. Not content to wait, that tomato almost jumped into her fingers.

This was an auspicious moment, so we stopped to pray. We thanked God for giving us the chance to learn what it means to be human, and for the chance to get closer to the earth. We asked Her to bless our work and to give us the wisdom to focus on work that will make Her giggle with delight. We didn’t stop to wash it or even to wipe it off. We just ate that ‘mater. It did not disappoint. Sweet, juicy, tangy, and, as the ads for far less flavorful prepared foods say, “bursting with flavor.”

This is going to be fun.

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