We Have a Septic Tank!

Whether you get excited about this one probably comes down more than anything else to your gender. Men tend to be interested in septic tanks, women not so much.

We’ve been knowing for some time we would need to put in a septic tank, and thanks to the help of our friend and neighbor Neil Martin, we’ve had the permit in hand for nearly a year. We’re getting close now, so it’s time to wrap up those final tasks like getting the septic tank installed.

Our friend Tim Ledbetter recommended we give Dale Mask a call. Dale lives near Eclectic and does a good portion of the septic tank work in Elmore County, so we were hoping he would be available. He was, and said he would be starting (and finishing) the job within 10 days or so. He called four days later and said he was ready to do it Thursday. Would that be okay?

You bet that was okay. I drove down to meet him and was able to be there yesterday to see the whole process. Oh yeah, count me in the group that finds this not just interesting, but downright exciting.

Dale spent very little time there, but his three-man crew seemed competent and task-focused. We are pleased with the job they did and plan to call Dale again if and when we are so fortunate as to be able to build a house up the hill from the barn.

The video runs a little shy of eight minutes and takes you from the undisturbed ground to the finished job.

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