The October Thing #12 – More Comments–and a Request – October 2, 2011

More Comments—and a Request

O.K., things are beginning to liven up, but all the comments—good ones—are still in your comfort zone; i.e., Diane comments on medical issues, Kyle on construction, Lee on gardening. Now get out of your comfort zone. I’m going to do a future paper listing some of the evidence from the recent Toronto conference showing that the three World Trade Towers and Pentagon were demolished by internal explosions. I’m not at all comfortable with it, but it is becoming persuasive, and, if it is true and becomes widely known before its 50-year-secrecy period is over, it could have profound repercussions on world politics.

Lee and Wade remind me that 3-D gardens are best; Lee notes that the deep soils of raised-beds are far more productive and Wade praises the effortless yields of permaculture (tree-crops). Think deep, think tall.

Both Kyle and Wade look at new construction and note that sustainable housing is already here; we just need to do more of it. Amanda notes that most people in England already have a garden instead of a lawn. I found an app called iTriage where you punch in your symptoms and it gives you possible diagnoses and directions to the nearest hospital and emergency-room-waiting-time. What else is new?