The October Thing #19 – November 17, 2011

Ha! Got your attention!

Joseph, yup, I considered January but I thought that the already-two-month delay was enough, so December 11th it is. I hope you can come. Maybe we can do another one mid-winter. Yes, Nutty Burr oaks are a great idea and there’s a fast-growing Mexican oak with acorns as big as plums.

Alan, I certainly wasn’t referring to aware-electrophiles like you and Kyle, but I am concerned about the growing number of people who are oblivious to anything but Oblivion. The Gratitude video was great and so were other Moving Art such as Growing Knowledge and New Energy for Detroit. However, as I scrolled down, I saw mostly naked women sites with millions of hits. Since I’m fond of naked women, I opened a couple only to find them juvenile and trashy. That’s the problem with modern media. I know there is good stuff available only electronically—long live Julian Assange—it’s the overwhelming volume of crap that worries me.

Kiersten, replicators have interesting promise. So far, all we can make are small plastic widgets, but if we use reps to design metal parts cheaply, then we may have something.

Kyle, Jenny, are you getting these emails?