Fall Garden Two Week Report

We are late in passing on to you our two-week update about the fall garden. Here it is.

We know we need to get a deer fence installed around Veg Hill. Should have done it back in the summer, because we were getting fairly severe deer damage even then, and all the experts told us it would get worse in the fall. But for whatever reason, we got focused on getting the barn ready to live in and didn’t attend to it.

We will spend tomorrow at the farm with our daughter Adrian and her boyfriend Kenny. Our hope is to spend most of the day plotting out the fence line and the gates, so we know exactly what will go where and know what to order.

Right now, though, we have provided a green oasis of succulent food growing in an area the deer have already found and well surrounded by cover, during the season when all the deers’ other food sources are drying up. Doesn’t look good, does it? But we decided to go ahead and plant the fall garden, because (a) we hope to get the fence up soon and perhaps salvage something, (b) we hope to learn something in the process, and (c) we’re farmers; that’s what farmers do – plant stuff.

So here’s Amanda’s report on video, recorded on October 13. Runs about 1:38. As I watch it now, I’m struck by how fun it’s going to be for us to look at this video and others like it three years from now and laugh at how ignorant we were back in 2009 about what plants look like, and also by how quickly the weather has changed; the woman I love wouldn’t be wearing that cute halter top today with the temperature in the 40s!

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