Podcast #103 – What To Do with All These Green Beans?

We knew we were planting more green beans than we needed. We just didn’t realize how many more. Now we know.

We describe our “second crop” of beans, this time starring Kentucky Wonder beans in addition to our standby rattlesnakes. There are still new beans coming on now, and the new blossoms offer the promise of even more to come if they can beat the frost. And there are the sweet potatoes still in the ground . . .

Listen – 21:38

Turns out our GE deep freeze is only 4 feet long, not the 6 feet I guessed it was. If this freezer isn’t the same as what we have, it’s awfully close – a little under 15 cu. ft. of storage space. And right now it’s full to the gills.

Here’s our post from August on pressure canning green beans.

All about the electric deer fence around the orchard

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