Podcast #110 – Giving Thanks

It’s an annual ritual for us. Our podcast that falls on or around Thanksgiving is a time for us  to reflect on the many ways in which we are blessed.

This year we are thankful for our health, despite – or perhaps even, in a bizarre way – because of my Type 2 diabetes. We are thankful for our farm, of course, and for the ways we are changing it and it is changing us, in particular the ways in which we are becoming more connected to this land. We are thankful for our new son-in-law and for all our family. We are thankful for our church and for our community, for the lodge and for what we hope it will enable us to do, for the sale in March of our house in Birmingham, and for the chance to share some of what we’re learning with others.

Finally, in a very personal note, we are thankful for each other and for the love between us that strengthens both of us and makes it so fun to be living this adventure together. Yes, we are truly thankful.

Listen – 19:17

Here’s my post in late September a couple of days after my diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes.

Here’s our recent post about shelling our field corn, grinding our own corn meal, and eating corn bread from it that evening for supper.

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