Podcast #133 – Annual Review Part 2 – Gotta Be Fun

Our annual review continues today with the second of our three principles: it’s gotta be fun while we’re doing it.

We begin by defining terms. What do we mean when we say farming has to be fun? Does that make any sense? We sort of defined fun, at least for us: it means we can see the results of the work, and we care about those results.

We compare and contrast some of our recent projects that clearly qualified, like Lee’s work on the clearing of the trees on either side of the driveway and Amanda’s preparing and growing seedlings. We had to place weeding in the category of NOT fun. We care deeply about the results, but it feels too much to Amanda like the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Next week on May 10, we’ll ask about our success with our third principle: avoiding allness statements. Can’t say for sure, but it’s also likely we’ll address our semi-principle: always learning, always teaching.

Listen — 19:02


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