Podcast #140 – If You Want To Help Organic Subsistence Farmers

Call this one two days early and the farthest thing from short – actually, it’s our longest podcast ever. Our focus this week is first on why you should want to help organic subsistence farmers like us, and then on how you can make it happen. As for why it ran so long, it must be because both of us are more passionate than we realized about how our food system works, why organic subsistence farmers are good for our society, and the many ways people and government could be helping us do this better.

Program note: we will take next week off; there will be no podcast on July 28. Our next program will be July 5, when we hope to have a full report about the state of Veg Hill, the latest from the orchard, and an update on our progress getting the lodge complete.

Listen– 32:11

Here’s the site for Gross National Happiness USA. Makes for good reading about what really matters in life.

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The Longleaf Breeze Planting Database

The Longleaf Breeze Daily Farm Log



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