Podcast #44 – Trellises, Trellises 1

One of the things we’ve learned in our brief farm education at Longleaf Breeze is that you want your plants to get vertical if you can, so they can make better use of the light and stay well ventilated. For us, that means trellises. We’ve learned what crops need trellises, what kind of trellises work best, and when it’s best to set them up.

Also: retrofitting the muscadine trellis, disappointing tomatoes, we’re using a little air conditioning, our reorganization is done, good to have books handy, and using plastic to kill weeds.

Listen – 21:41

(Yet Another) Way to Trellis Tomatoes

Shelves and Storage – (old post from June of last year describing how we planned to do this)

Can We Survive Summer Without Air Conditioning? (again, how we planned to do this!)

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One thought on “Podcast #44 – Trellises, Trellises

  • Jonathon Meeks

    I would have the trellises up by the time the plants spout or just thereafter. My grandfather always put them up as soon as he was finished planting.

    Also, I would grow melons and sweet potatoes at the edge of the field or in some other out of the way place. Both will grow all over your neat ails as if they weren’t there and will grow up other plants if they can. Also, they don’t need as much weeding as other plants although anything that blocks light should be exed; otherwise, I would just mostly leave them alone.