Podcast #47 – Pear Preserves 3

We were up late last night and we have a big mess to clean up, but we got the pear preserves finished! We cut up about 50 pears, and we have 9 pints and 22 half pints of preserves to show for it.

Also: what makes our preserves different, is a water bath needed for canning?, fall veg review, cutting down sunn hemp, refreshing the orchard, settling an argument about Lee’s tea.

Listen – 21:06

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3 thoughts on “Podcast #47 – Pear Preserves

  • chuck till

    My grandparents had one pear tree near Robinson Springs. Grits with homemade pear preserves was really great at breakfast. How did you get that much fruit?

  • Lee

    We have four pear trees that we planted just this year; we have high hopes for harvesting our own pears from them in a few years, but none yet. We got about a bushel of pears from my brother Dave Gray, who has a killer orchard in Pine Level (south Montgomery County).

    So you just had grits with pear preserves mixed in? Or did you also have biscuits?

  • chuck till

    Sadly, eastern NC is not hospitable to pear trees — except the ornamental Bradfords that are a visual plague.

    My grandmother did make biscuits often, sometimes as the main course (butter & syrup) and sometimes alongside eggs or bacon/ham. I don’t recall biscuits and grits at the same meal, but I’m sure it happened. Memories of 1960-1966 are getting foggy. After I became a teenager, I spent less time on their farm.

    Whenever I visit Montgomery, I buy a bottle of Yellow Label or Golden Eagle to bring back. They’re not sold up here.