Podcast #85 – It’s All Good

We have an abundance of fun things happening here at the farm these days, so much that we decided to have an episode of the podcast that’s nothing but good news.

We start with the engagement of our daughter and announcer Adrian Lee Borden to Elion Olson, scheduled for November 5. But here on the farm we have good news as well:

  • The drip irrigation is keeping things growing through another crushing drought
  • We’re getting real production now from the Natchez blackberry we planted last year
  • The blueberries are producing berries each morning
  • We have peaches on the two June Golds that promise to be ready within 2-3 weeks
  • All three of last year’s figs that died back have recovered and leafed out
  • Two of the figs we planted this year, the two Papajohns have already set fruit
  • We’re fully mulched now on the orchard proper
  • Row 16 (figs and pomegranates) has drip hose buried now and is ready for mulch
  • We have too much firewood! Two full cords are under the pole barn roof and ready to dry out over the summer
  • The muscadines we planted last year are showing LOTS of fruit. Are all the muscadines going to be this fruitful?
  • Tomatoes, tomatoes, and (knocking on wood here) no hornworms yet!
  • The banana peppers are looking great
  • We have 280 feet of beans that are looking positively radiant
  • Both my ham radios (the base unit and the handheld) are programmed to the channels I need and working smoothly. Thanks Tom!
  • Oddie, our springer spaniel, is responding well to training.

Listen – 20:09

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