Monthly Archives: August 2010

Variety is the Spit of Life 1

When she was a child, our daughter Adrian and her female cousins loved to spend the night with their Gran, my Mom. Every time they did, they ate the same food, slept on the same pallet on the same spot in Gran’s bedroom, watched the same movies (Sarah Plain and […]

Planting By the Full Moon 1

It was one night early. “Official” full moon isn’t until tonight, but you could’ve fooled us. It sure looked full enough as we reveled in it last night, watching the moonshine play with the ground-bound objects that have become so familiar to us here at Longleaf Breeze.

Podcast #44 – Trellises, Trellises 1

One of the things we’ve learned in our brief farm education at Longleaf Breeze is that you want your plants to get vertical if you can, so they can make better use of the light and stay well ventilated. For us, that means trellises. We’ve learned what crops need trellises, […]

Podcast #43 – Organizing for a Coherent Farm Life

We can’t keep saying we’re moving in when we’ve been here for more than eight months. We need to get all that stuff we brought here organized! In the process, we have loved living more simply, avoiding accumulating things we don’t care about. We’ve set multiple but identical shelving units […]

Podcast #42 – Thank God for Okra

It’s that brutal time in central Alabama when the extreme heat slows everything down. Most of Veg Hill is nearly comatose, but not the okra! It just keeps popping up and producing. Every day it’s producing new pods ready to harvest, and we know from experience that okra produces better […]