Podcast #115 – Eating What We Own 2

The first of our three basic principles here at Longleaf Breeze is that we are approaching but will never reach subsistence. We’re seeing this come to life in the way we approach food.
Each year we find ourselves buying less from off the farm. This year, we’re basically self-sufficient with vegetables. Maybe next year we’ll reduce our need for meat from off the farm as well. Our winter diet is a nice mix of foods we canned during the summer, fresh fall veg from the garden, and lots of frozen vegetables and soups. And there are always sweet potatoes and winter squash from the root cellar (sorry, no pumpkins this year).

Listen – 20:30

To the left is a shot of our fall vegetables looking up toward the barn. Below is a quick picture from this morning of the brussels sprouts I told Amanda about seeing. I left in the stick of pine straw for perspective about their size.

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