Podcast #125 – Asparagus! 4

Our friends John and Kathy Haynie have thrilled us (and we have to admit made us a little jealous) each year as they recount their asparagus harvest. Well soon we hope to have some stories of our own. We planted asparagus this week!

We love the way asparagus tastes, of course; it’s hard not to. But we also love that asparagus is a perennial that, once established, needs remarkably little care other than trimming back the foliage and adding some mulch at the end of each growing season. The reason more people don’t plant asparagus is probably the same reason we’ve waited until now to plant it: it’s a tad intimidating. Asparagus crowns are more difficult to plant than the average vegetable, and for the first year you got no crop. After that, though, things should start looking up.

Today’s podcast describes how we planted our asparagus crowns and our plans to phase in the harvest each year, working our way up to a full six-week harvest in the fourth year and each year thereafter. We also introduce our new Organic Moments videos and describe this year’s strawberry planting; and there’s an update about the progress on the lodge.

Listen – 18:29

Here’s the video now in progress about our planting asparagus. It’s basically ready but for dropping in Adrian’s announcement in place of mine at the beginning and changing the name of ACES from Alabama Cooperative Extension Service to its correct name, Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast #125 – Asparagus!

  • Jimbowhitakerster

    Enjoyed the podcast. I am on my 2nd year and my asparagus is really doing great. I have a raised bed patch. I am doing pretty much everything in raised beds and hay bails. I also use worm towers

  • Lee

    I plead guilty. The problem is that I changed the video to add the professional announcer (our daughter Adrian) and forgot to update the link. It’s fixed now. Thanks for your patience.