Podcast #164 – Holiday Greetings from Longleaf Breeze 1

It’s our first Christmas in the lodge, and as every homeowner does with a new home, the Farmer-in-Chief is eager for her friends and family to see it. My family will be joining us during the week of Christmas, and several of our friends from Birmingham will be helping us ring in the New Year.

This time of year the forest is at its most beautiful for walking, because most of the hardwoods have dropped their leaves, and the woods are more open for viewing. It’s also more pleasant to be outside. Those oppressively hot days of summer have given way to the cool days of late fall.

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One thought on “Podcast #164 – Holiday Greetings from Longleaf Breeze

  • mark

    Thanks for the wonderful podcasts this year, I really have enjoyed your relaxed, conversational style. You guys make a great team!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    From Mark in St Petersburg, Florida