Podcast #200 – Fall Vegetables

We think it’s pretty cool that this is our 200th podcast. We had no idea when we started recording weekly podcast in the Fall of 2009 whether we would be consistent. Now we know!

This week’s program is the presentation we made in Wetumpka on Fall Vegetables as part of the “Lunch & Learn” series from the Central Alabama Master Gardeners Association. Like last week’s podcast, this one runs longer than usual. We apologize but hope you understand. Our program covers why we love growing in the fall, how we prolong the growing season, choosing what to plant, preparing your garden for fall, planting, timing, and harvesting.

Listen – 30:11

As you listen, you’ll want to follow along and see the slides we prepared for the presentation:

In Alabama it's just more pleasant to work outside in the fall.

In Alabama it’s just more pleasant to work outside in the fall.

To get the fall planting date calculator from Johnny’s Seed that Amanda talks about, go to this page listing all their interactive tools.. Look down the list for “Fall-Planting Calculator.”

The Longleaf Breeze Perennial Farm Calendar

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